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HERFUTURE  membership

HerFuture HerDecade uses a membership model. Membership is $100 for a term of 5 years. After 5 years, members check-in with a HerFuture executive, provide feedback on their experience, and then choose whether or not to renew their membership. 


Per our ethos of inclusivity and access, HerFuture has free memberships if payment presents a financial burden. Both paid and supported memberships can be requested through this form. The form is short and simple, and all details will be treated with utmost confidentiality.


Our first organisational initiative is HerFuture In Conversation, a series of conferences in every Australian state and territory. The conferences bring young and established women together to share their experiences and to chart a real, actionable path to gender equality. 

The normative practice of young women being passive observers in the audience needs to change; young women should be involved and engaged throughout. This new model will create a next generation of leaders who are diverse, and as a result, more efficacious and representative


We are currently approaching sponsors to support the event. We request your support, either financial or in-kind, to execute this national conference rollout. 

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