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HER FUTURE  her decade


Australia's first young women's National Listening Tour and Policy Agenda

What we've done

8 conversations
7 speakers
Featuring voices like Annabel Crabb and Chanel Contos
12, 000 Australian attendees

490 audience comments
508 thank you emails and messages from young women
1 National Survey
Codesigned with
7 Australian universities
15+ volunteers

What we're doing

Making a policy submission to the Parliament of Australia
Which will result in the creation of specific policy agendas for young women at the state and federal levels 
Enabling young women to lead lives devoid of violence, insecurity, and discrimination, and abundant in opportunity, justice, and happiness 
Co-designing an app with Women NSW 
Which will facilitate young women's democratic participation and infuse data, evidence, and ongoing feedback into policy-creation and revision 
Fostering impact-effective and cost-effective policies

Follow our progress

IG: @herfutureherdecade

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